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Department of CSE – Faculty

Department of Computer Science & Engineering

Faculty List

Sl.No Name   Designation Qualification
  Dept. of C.S.E      
1 Dr.S.N.Tirumala Rao   Professor M.Tech., Ph.D.
2 Dr.B.Jhansi Vazram   Professor M.Tech., Ph.D.
3 Dr. S.V.N. Srinivasu   Professor M.Tech., Ph.D.
4 Dr. M. Bala Raju   Professor M.Tech., Ph.D.
5 Dr. P. Srinivasa Murthy   Professor M.E., Ph.D.
6 Dr. K. Sai Anusha   Professor M.E., Ph.D.
7 Dr. G. Syam Prasad   Professor M.Tech., Ph.D.
8 Dr. T.V. Sai Krishna   Professor M.Tech., Ph.D.
9 Dr. K. Lakshminadh   Professor M.Tech., Ph.D.
10 Dr. S.Siva Nageswara Rao   Professor M.Tech., Ph.D.
11 Dr. G.L.N.Jayapradha   Professor M.Tech., Ph.D.
12 V.Mahesh Babu   Professor M.Tech.
13 Dr.I V S J Rama Rao   Professor M.Tech., Ph.D.
14 Dr. M. Venkata Reddy   Assoc. Professor M.Tech., Ph.D.
15 Dr. Somaraju Mouli   Assoc. Professor M.Tech., Ph.D.
16 M.Sireesha   Assoc. Professor M.Tech.
17 K.Gnanendra   Assoc. Professor M.Tech.
18 Sd.Rizwana   Asst. Prof. M.Tech.
19 P.Swathi   Asst. Prof. M.Tech.
20 Sk. Subhani   Asst. Prof. M.Tech.
21 Sk. Khaja Mohiddin Basha   Asst. Prof. M.Tech.
22 Ch.Lakshmi Tulasi   Asst. Prof. M.Tech
23 O. Aruna   Asst. Prof. M.Tech.
24 S.Deva Raju   Asst. Prof. M.Tech.
25 SK. Gousya Pyari   Asst. Prof. M.Tech.
26 K. Rambabu   Asst. Prof. M.Tech
27 G. Lakshminarayana   Asst. Prof. M.Tech
28 Sk. Rafi   Asst. Prof. M.Tech
29 M. Satyam Reddy   Asst. Prof. M.Tech
30 K V.Narasimha Reddy   Asst. Prof. M.Tech
31 D. Raju   Asst. Prof. M.Tech
32 K. Shishir   Asst. Prof. M.Tech
33 P. Rama Devi   Asst. Prof M.Tech
34 O. Sambasivarao   Asst. Prof M.Tech
35 K. Ramani   Asst. Prof M.Tech
36 U. Vijay Kumar   Asst. Prof M.Tech
37 Ch. Anil   Asst. Prof M.Tech
38 N. Anantha Rami Reddy   Asst. Prof M.Tech
39 K. Arun   Asst. Prof M.Tech
40 Sk. Sameerunnisa   Asst. Prof M.Tech
41 A. Thanuja   Asst. Prof M.Tech
42 B. Siva Kanaka Raju   Asst. Prof M.Tech
43 G. Prasanth   Asst. Prof M.Tech
44 K. V. Pavan Kumar   Asst. Prof M.Tech
45 R. Dilip Kumar   Asst. Prof M.Tech
46 M. Arun Kumar   Asst. Prof M.Tech
47 T. Venkata Manohar   Asst. Prof M.Tech
48 B. Rama Krishna   Asst. Prof. M.Tech
49 G. Venkateswararao   Asst. Prof. M.Tech
50 Y. Chandana   Asst. Prof. M.Tech
51 M. Ramakrishna Reddy   Asst. Prof. M.Tech
52 D. Srinivasarao   Asst. Prof. M.Tech
53 G. Srinadh   Asst. Prof. M.Tech
54 A. Janardhana Rao   Asst. Prof M.Tech
55 K. Jayaprakash   Asst. Prof M.Tech
56 D. Venkata Reddy   Asst. Prof M.Tech
57 R. Sowjanya   Asst. Prof M.Tech
  Dept. of CSE (AI)      
1 B. Sathish Kumar   Asst. Prof. M.Tech
2 R. Saritha   Asst. Prof M.Tech
3 M. Nandini   Asst. Prof M.Tech
4 K. Ashok   Asst. Prof M.Tech
  Dept. of I.T.      
1 K.Hajarathaiah   Assoc. Professor M.Tech
2 M.Syam Kumar   Assoc. Professor M.Tech
3 S. Chaitanya Bharathi   Asst. Prof M.Tech
4 K.V. Srinivas   Asst. Prof M.Tech
5 B. Monika   Asst. Prof M.Tech
6 R. Kartheek   Asst. Prof M.Tech