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About Us

Established in 1998, Narasaraopeta Engineering College, the first technical education institution in the region, has been excelling in research and entrepreneurship ever since its inception. In the last two decades, it has given hundreds of engineers and leaders to the nation.

With this success, NEC is scripting a new history for the country’s technological prowess and emerging as one of the finest technical colleges in the country. At Narasaraopeta Engineering College, we believe in the views on education expressed by the likes of Henry Ford – Education is preeminently a matter of quality, not amount – and strive to adhere to those views.

Our alumni have accomplished several entrepreneurial and engineering feats after pursuing our undergraduate and postgraduate research and academic programmes, and the credit for their success, in part, goes to our outstanding, industry-renowned faculty.

NEC is sponsored by the Gayatri Educational Development Society (GEDS) and approved by the AICTE, New Delhi, with NBA and NAAC accreditations. It also has permanent affiliation to JNTU-Kakinada. The college has strong links with some of the biggest peer universities and institutes, and companies at the national and international levels, which in return help in enhancing the research quality and enriching its educational programmes.

Narasaraopeta Engineering College today is a union of multidisciplinary courses with a focus on both academy and research, and is fast becoming a thriving source of multiple avenues in entrepreneurship and employment. At NEC, we are not just teaching technology but also teaching aspirants to influence the future of the world and make it a better place.

Our Vision

To emerge as a Centre of excellence in technical
education with a blend of effective student
centric teaching learning practices as well as
research for the transformation of lives and

Our Mission

M1: Provide the best class infra-structure to
explore the field of engineering and research

M2: Build a passionate and a determined team
of faculty with student centric teaching,
imbibing experiential, innovative skills

M3: Imbibe lifelong learning skills, entrepreneurial skills and ethical values in students
for addressing societal problems

Our Values

  • Student-centric education: Meeting the community’s and student’s needs by developing a world-class educational environment with cultural values.
  • Excellence: Giving special attention towards the standards of integrity and performance to help the institute in leading academic achievements and professional goals.
  • Collaboration: Seeking the latest input and working closely with all the industrial sectors and Society for the continuous upgradation of the quality of education.
  • Diversity: Creating a favourable on-campus environment in which the goals and learning styles of all students are recognised and nurtured.
  • Continuous Development: Encouraging enthusiastic, innovative thinkers and learners to strive for personal growth in the world of inventions and start-ups.
  • Technological Advancement: Keeping pace with evolving technology and professional trends to prepare all its students to achieve success in the workplace.

Gayatri Educational Development Society (GEDS)

Gayatri Educational Development Society (GEDS) was founded by Mr. Mittapalli Venkata Koteswara Rao with an aim of providing world-class technical education in the Palnadu Region of Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh. Mr. Mittapalli Venkata Koteswararao is an eminent philanthropist and industrialist of Guntur District and also the member of the Society for Networking for Excellence in Technical Education (SONET), which runs under the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

With the help of GEDS and its President Mr. M Venkata Koteswara Rao’s funding and stewardship, several colleges have emerged in Palnadu, like Narasaraopeta Engineering College (NEC), Narasaraopeta Institute of Technology, Narasaraopeta Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (NIPS), and more. These colleges are helping the students to explore their calibre to the fullest and brighten their future in the field of science and technology.


chairman NEC

Sri Mittapalli Venkata Koteswara Rao, President of Gayatri Educational Development Society (GEDS) and Sri Mittapalli Trust

It gives me immense pleasure addressing the aspirants seeking admissions in Narasaraopeta Engineering College (NEC), and would like to share the core mission of this institution, which is to impart value-based quality education. We, at NEC, strive towards achieving this mission by providing world-class education to our students and preparing them to become the new-age leaders.

Located on 40 acres of land in Palnadu region of Guntur, our college has been walking on the path of growth and development for the last two decades. It has now transformed itself into one of the finest engineering institutes in Andhra Pradesh, which I can assure you is just the tip of the iceberg. We, the entire management of NEC, are taking huge initiatives to ensure the progress of all our students and faculty and the institute.

NEC believes in identifying the need of the hour and raise the benchmark of the education being provided in every discipline we offer. We recognise the rapid pace by which technology is evolving in the 21st Century and are striving to create the innovators and critical thinkers who can help our region and the nation adapt to this pace.

To achieve our mission, we have developed modern infrastructure, laboratories, and smart classrooms, and have gathered some of the most qualified and prominent faculty members and staff to impart quality education in the fields of electrical, mechanical, business administration, humanities & sciences, and others.

Each year we introduce a renewed curriculum based on the changing industry trends and demands. We also induce in our students a sense of social and national commitments so that they can utilise their knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the Society as well.

NEC is set to become the leader among the higher-education institutions established in Andhra Pradesh, and we welcome you to join us in this journey towards excellence and unleash a bright future for yourself.

Sri Mittapalli Venkata Koteswara Rao is the President of Gayatri Educational Development Society (GEDS) and Sri Mittapalli Trust, which helped establish Narasaraopeta Engineering College (NEC), Narasaraopeta Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences (NIPS), Narasaraopeta Institute of Technology (NIT), Sri Mittapalli College of Engineering (SMCE), and Sri Mittapalli Institute of Technology for Women (SMITW).


Vice Chairman Chakravarthi Mittapalli started his journey as an entrepreneur in 2002 when he established his first venture, an IT Consulting Company named S&C Staffing Inc. However, his true entrepreneurial journey began when he, having studied and worked in India and abroad, decided to return and solve the challenge of the lack of educational facilities in his home town, Narasaraopet.

Mr Chakravarthi Mittapalli received his Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Computer Science from SRM Engineering College, Chennai, in 1996 and Master of Science (MS) in Computers from a college in Oklahoma, USA, in 1998. After a brief period, he resumed his pursuit of knowledge and joined executive MBA at the Indian School of Business (ISB), Hyderabad.

He pursued professional courses from the world’s top business schools such as Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and Kellogg’s Business School, Northwestern University, Chicago.

Because of his experience, the vice chairman understands the significance of education amid evolving societal challenges. The roots of his ambition to tackle the challenges in Narasaraopet by empowering education can be found in Nelson Mandela’s famous quote – Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.

Mr Mittapalli believes that in order to realise the dream of NEC competing with the existing leaders in education, it needs to produce engineers of high calibre. He also envisions NEC becoming a centre of excellence in higher technical education with a fleet of highly trained faculty and staff supporting it.

Vice Chairman Chakravarthi Mittapalli also derives his inspiration from the words of the acclaimed educationist, management consultant and author of the book Future Shock, Alvin Toffler, “The illiterate of the 21st Century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.”


Sri Mittapalli Ramesh Babu is the Secretary of the Group of NEC and gives guidance to the staff and students of the Group of NEC through his visionary strategies. He is also a philanthropist who keeps contributing to the society through various social initiatives and events. He was the chairman for PAUDA, Palnadu Dist.


Ms Suhasini Mittapalli always had the zeal and fervour towards education and supporting the success of students. To ensure this success, she is passionately working to provide the best instructional and extracurricular opportunities along with all the possible support. It has always been her first priority to provide each and every student of NEC with a well-rounded education through outstanding instruction from the finest faculty members and staff.

Her quest to provide students with a versatile personality, however, doesn’t stop there; she constantly works to develop character, cultivate passions, and give students an opportunity to explore the world beyond their classrooms.

Suhasini Mittapalli received her Master of Computer Applications degree from Osmania University, Hyderabad, and she has 11 years of work experience in Information Technology in the USA. During her professional journey in the US, she co-founded an IT Consulting firm called S&C Staffing Inc. She moved to India in 2011 along with her family and since then has been part of the NEC Group of Institutions.

Her areas of work are not limited to IT and education; she has a deep interest in social activities also. She has been actively participating in the social and developmental causes, such as creating awareness about waste segregation at homes and communities. She also offers voluntary services at various NGOs.

Her mission is to prepare a new generation of entrepreneurs and innovators who can take Andhra Pradesh and India to new heights on the global stage.


principal of narasaraopeta engineering college

Dr S Venkateswarlu

Dr S Venkateswarlu has 36 years of teaching, Industry, and research experience. He published 114 technical research papers in various international and national peer-reviewed journals.

Under his guidance, 3 scholars have been awarded PhD. His area of interest includes wireless communications. He is a member of 14 professional societies. He visited 6 countries to deliver technical seminars.

Vice Principal

Prof.D.Suneel, a distinguished academician and a seasoned Mechanical Professor is the Vice-Principal in Narasaraopeta Engineering College, Narasaraopet. He received his Doctorate Degree from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, India in the year 2010. His current teaching and research interests include Metal Cutting and Machine Tool Design, Engineering Mechanics, Metal Matrix Nanocomposites, Nanofluids, Nano coatings, Polymer Nanocomposites, and Nano materials. He has published more than thirty research papers in reputed National and International journals/conferences and also, has authored a couple of books published by Lambert Academic Publishing, Germany. He also published 20 Design Patents and filed 02 innovation patents with Govt. of INDIA. Further, he has guided Ten B.Tech and FOUR M.Tech projects

As a prolific professional, he has got 21 years of teaching experience in Engineering education and Ratified as a Professor in 2015 by JNTUK, Kakinada. He joined Narasaraopeta Engineering College as the head of the Mechanical Engineering Department in April 2012, represented the Department of Mechanical Engineering before NBA, NAAC and Autonomous committees and contributed for the success of same. Before joining Narasaraopeta Engineering College he had worked at various levels in GITAM University and KL University. In 2016 he became the Dean-Academics and took care of Academic Affairs as well as nurtured new programmes for the exponential growth and development of the Institution in all respects. He also acted as In charge Principal of Narasaraopeta Engineering College (Autonomous) for a period of three months during Jan-Mar 2018. He is an accomplished Research Scholar and instrumental in getting the Research Recognition Center for Mechanical Department granted by JNTUK-Kakinada.

He has attended twelve Workshops and Training programmes (for duration of more than 60 days) at institutes of national repute like IIT-Kanpur etc. He is a Life Member of Institution of Engineers, ISTE and MRSI (Materials Research Society of INDIA) . He was Certified by DALE CARNEGIE & Associates, Inc. on “High Impact Presentation Skills" and by Wipro Mission 10x on “Effective Teaching Methodologies”. He delivered expert lectures on Nano materials at neighboring colleges and also organized a 3-Day National workshop on “Characterization and Synthesis of Nanomaterials” as a Co-Coordinator 2010 at KL University. He acted as a convener of the International Conference (NECICRTME-2K15) organized during 20 & 21st November 2015 in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, NEC, Narasaraopet. Apart from teaching and research activities,   he has generated a fund of Rs.18,90,000/- from AICTE towards MODERNIZATION OF MOS Lab for the Academic Year 2015-16 and successfully completed the project within time.

He has great vision and ability to effectively interact with a diverse population of faculty and students at various academic levels. He is skilled in recognizing, respecting and nurturing the creative potential of each student. He aims to promote the welfare of the students by individualizing instructions based on students’ specialized and changing needs. He makes relentless efforts for the progress of the institution and guides the faculty in accomplishing the vision of being a technical hub.

To quench his thrust in latest developments in Engineering, He has done 50 certifications from Coursera and NPTEL

Dr. D.Suneel

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