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Women Empowerment Cell


Maintaining and strengthening the status of women, creating awareness on women’s rights, and ensuring the safety and dignity of the female students, teachers, and staff.


To create a society free from all the prejudices and gender-based discrimination, and have space where students can explore their full potential.

  • To address all the issues pertaining to gender discrimination
  • To help women in developing a confident personality
  • To create awareness about Women Welfare Laws
  • To assert the importance of social equality and gender inclusiveness
  • To prevent sexual harassment and promote the general well-being of female students, teachers, and staff
  • To maintain a dignified, congenial working environment for all
Roles & Functions
  • Encourage students to come together and participate in academic, cultural and outreach activities, such as talks, seminars, workshops, community action, etc.
  • Resource centre and forum for women where they can exchange ideas and concerns
  • Safeguard women by taking security measures on the college campus