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Transport facility

We have a full-fledged transport department functioning in the college that takes care of the commutation of our day-scholars, faculty members and staff. The job of this department is to provide proper bus services to all the off-campus commuters.

The number of buses is also kept flexible and can be increased as per the intake of the students. There are separate buses for men and women. The department makes sure that these buses are comfortable, safe and affordable for all our students. The bus routes, and pick up and drop points are designed by the department’s management and the corresponding core committee based on the students’ ratio of the respective areas. As of now, the bus facility is available from Guntur, Chilakaluripeta, and other local places.

Availing transport facilities is totally optional. The Transport Department of College has the authority to decide the pickup points as per the convenience of the maximum number of users and route feasibility. The college provides this facility for free to the staff.

Bus Routes

S.No BusRoutes
1 GUNTUR Guntur Busstand – HB Colony – Polytechnic   College – Nallapadu-Perecherla – Vemuluripadu
Phirangipuram – Nudurupadu – Merikapudi –   Satuluru – Jonnalagadda – College
2 VINUKONDA Vinukonda – Vitamrajpalli – Kanamarlapudi –   Savalyapuram – Potluru – Ghantavaripalem
Vellalacheruvu – Kamepalli – X road(adda road) –   Santamaguluru – Pathamaguluru- Lakshmipuram – Petlurivaripalem- Uppalapadu –   College
3 CHILAKALURIPET Chilakaluripet – Polireddypalem – Kondrupadu – Lingamguntla-   Appapuramroad – Kavuru- Komatinenivaripalem- Gangannapalem – Erlapadu road
Ameensahebpalem – Basikapuram- Kanaparru road-   Kasanupalli- Lalitha nagar – College
4 SATTENAPALLI Sattenapalli – Irukupalem – Madala –   Dammalapadu Adda road – Narnepadu Canal – Chagantivaripalem- Muppalla-   Gollpadu- Mulakaluru- Issapalem – College
5 PIDUGURALLA Piduguralla –   Kondamodu – Nemalipuri – Trirapuram – Nakarikallu – Challagundla – Adda road   – Dechavaram road – Santhinagar – Ravipadu – College
6 A.MUPPALLA A.muppalla –   Buchibapannapalem – Ramireddypalem – Rompicherla – Vadlamudivaripalem – Vipparlapalli – Munamaka – Ikkurthi –   Allurivaripalem – Lingamguntla colony – College
7 SANTHAGUDIPADU Santhagudipadu –   Reddypalem – Vipparla- Dasaripalem – Machavaram – Nallagarlapadu –   Paragaticherla – Palapadu – College
8 KARAMPUDI Karampudi –   Petasannigalla – Julakallu – Guttikonda – Gullapalli – Narasingapadu –   Nakarikallu – Challagundla – Adda road – Dechavaram X road – Santhinagar –   Ravipadu – College
9 PEDAKURAPADU Pedakurapadu –   Pedamakkena – Gudipudi – Nandigama – Adda road – Sattenapalli – Irukupalem –   Madala – Dammalapadu Adda road – Narnepadu canal – Chagantivaripalem –   Muppalla – Gollpadu- Mulakaluru- Issapalem – College

Martur – Rajupalem   donka – Thathapudi – Mangalapalem road – Murikipudi – Boppudi road –   Purushothapatnam – Chilakaluripet – Polireddypalem – Kondrupadu –   Lingamguntla – Appapuram road – Kavuru – Komatinenivaripalem – Gangannapalem   – Grlapdu road –

Ameensahebpalem –   Basikapuram – Kanaparru road – Kesanupalli – Lalitha nagar – College

11 ADDANKI Addanki –   Singarakonda – Chakrayapalem – Srinivasa nagar – Kopperapadu – Gudipadu –   Ramanjaneyapuram – Kommalapadu – Elchuru – X road – Santhamaguluru –   Lakshmipuram – Petlurivaripalem – Uppalapadu – College
12 PASUMARRU Pasumarru –   Chilakaluripet – Potharam – Maddirala – Yadavalli – ET – Kotappakonda –   Guravayapalem – Yellamanda –College
13 CHAGALLU Chagallu – Kallakunta   – Pamidipadu – Agraharam – Mulakaluru – Issapalem – College
14 TUBADU Tubadu – Chirumamilla   – Chandavaram – Satuluru – Jonnalagadda – Lingaraopalem – College

TRANSPORT COMMITTEE MEMBERS    Dept.    Name of the   Faculty    Designation    MOBILE NO.   
1    CIVIL    SK.NAYUB SUBHANI    Asst. Professor    9676011953   
2    EEE    P. NAGANJANEYULU    Asst. Professor    9177751817   
3    ME    A.SIVA NAGESWARARAO    Lab Technician    9000023815   
4    ECE    J.NARASIMHARAO    Assoc. Professor    9703632376   
5    CSE    L. KARUNA KUMAR    Asst. Professor    9652156546   

Asst. Professor   

7    IT   
8    MBA    Y.SURESH    Asst. Professor    9701051807   
9    MCA    B.N.V. UDAYA LAXMI    Asst. Professor    9502387955   


  1. The transport facility, on payment basis, is arranged by the College to facilitate the Day Scholars. All the buses are centrally managed by the College Administration.
  1. Transport facility is for the full academic session and optional for the Day Scholars. Allotment is purely on first come first serve basis to the students who undertake to abide by the transport rules and regulations of the College.
  1. For allowing or not allowing of students, staff and any other issues related to transport are at the discretion of the Principal NEC, NARASARAOPET. All rights are reserved.
  1. Bus users should carry College identity and Bus identity while travelling in the bus.
  1. Students should board the bus in their respective bus stops only.
  1. College has complete authority to inspect transport vehicles including personal belongings during transit or at any time in and outside the campus.
  1. The College reserves the rights to deny transport facility to any student on the grounds of misconduct/ Indiscipline.
  1. The students availing the transport facility shall be responsible for all the personal belongings and the College management is not responsible for theft / loss of property during travel in bus.
  1. Buses will run on pre-determined routes as laid down by the College. Students will be assigned routes and pick up points. The same shall be subject to change from time to time.
  1. Any student found travelling in bus without having paid the transport fee, he/she shall be liable to be fined Rs.2000/- for first time and if repeated, student shall be assumed as a regular traveller and charged full transport semester fee plus fine.
  1. Students are advised to carry transport ID card (Bus Pass) all time during transit and are liable to produce the same as and when asked by the College authorities.
  1. Students are liable to pay for any damage caused by them to the transport vehicle or property therein either alone or jointly with others. In addition disciplinary action could also be initiated against them.
  1. Students staying in the hostels are not permitted to travel in the buses until and unless they have been specifically authorized (written consent from transport Department) to do so.
  1. Lost or stolen ID card can be re-issued on payment of Rs. 200/-.
  1. Students are not permitted to change Bus route on their own. But with a written request though proper channel can be done. Otherwise Strict disciplinary action shall be initiated against defaulters.
  1. Bus pass cannot be transferred from one person to another. The bus pass owner must be the sole user of the pass. Transferring or sharing of a pass is prohibited. If such activity occurs, both participating parties’ transport privileges will be revoked. Competent Authority has right to cancel passes due to misuse.
  1. Ragging, by law, is strictly prohibited. Any student who is traveling in the College bus found indulging himself / herself directly / indirectly in any activities like theft / ragging / fighting / quarrelling / use of abusive language / misbehave with fellow students, juniors / seniors or Staff members, shall be considered a serious misconduct /indiscipline and strict disciplinary action shall be initiated against him / her as deemed necessary or may be handed over to police for legal proceedings according to nature of offence for which entire responsibility lies on the concerned student.
  1. No one is entertained to play loud music (Earphone music is permitted). No hooting, clapping, singing, loud talking in the bus is allowed.
  1. Students indulging in ragging, smoking/consumption of alcohol and physical assault within the campus and college bus is prohibited and students indulging in the same will be dismissed.
  1. Students should not celebrate any function by themselves like Friendship day, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Day, Holi, etc. within the College bus while travelling. If any found will be punished and imposed severe fine.



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