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Mini Projects By III Year EEE Students

S.No. Project Description Image
1 WIRELESS POWER TRANSMISSION DC supply is using as input and to study the output of the device. The tesla coil circuit were used in commercially in spark gap radio transmitter for telegraphy, electrotherapy and medical devices such as violet ray, Medical X-ray devices.
2 AUTOMATIC STREET LIGHT CONTROL BY USING ARDUINO Normally as we know the man made light has two modes of operation switch “ON” and “OFF”. This leads to wastage of electricity. To overcome these students developed a proto type of an advanced light control system. In this they used an Arduino and LDR sensor (which is used to sense the light). Whenever the LDR is exposed to light because of the low resistance, the lights will be turned off automatically and whenever the LDR is covered with hand because of high resistance, the lights will be turned on automatically. By this project we can reduce the wastage of electricity. Applications of this project are parking place, Head lights of automobiles, Street lights.
3 FM RADIO CIRCUIT (MINI RADIO) This project is mini FM radio circuit. FM radio circuit is a simple circuit that can be tuned to the required frequency circuit. The main principle of this circuit is to tune the circuit to the nearest frequency using the tank circuit. Data to be transmitted is frequency modulated at the transmission side and is demodulated at the receiver side. The frequency range of FM signal is 87.5MHz to 108MHz.the output can be heard by using speaker or headphones. It also used in FM broadcasting for music and speech.
4 WIRELESS POWER TRANSMISSION SYSTEM Wireless power uses the same field and waves has wireless communication devices like Radio, cell phones, televisions, broad casting and Wi-Fi. WPT will eliminate the use of Conductor and Wires. Electromagnetic induction occurs between these two coils and an emf generated on the Transmission coil that induces current on the Receiving coil. Applications of this project are Electric auto-mobile charging, Consumer electronics, Industrial purpose, Solar power satellites, Energy to Remote areas, Can broadcast energy globally (In future).
5 HOME AUTOMATION In this project we can control FAN and LIGHT. There are two electrical circuits are needed for home automation operation. One is LDR circuit for LIGHT control and other one is THERMISTOR circuit for FAN control. LDR Circuit: Night time when a person enter into home the photo diode receives the signals from LED IR rays, then the circuit is closed light will turn on. If the person leaves the room the circuit is open then light will turn OFF. THERMISTOR circuit: When thermistor gets temperature above certain degrees the resistor decreases in thermistor so that it is short circuited .At this condition FAN will start rotating. If the temperature is decreases the fan will turn OFF automatically. Applications of this project are tis system is used in HOME and OFFICE, used for industrial applications.
6 ANTI-SLEEP ALARM TO AVOID ACCIDENTS Anti-sleep alarm to avoid accidents (using eye blinking sensor). Different types of materials and sensors are used in this project. While these alarm works to help keep drivers awake. ATMEGA328, Infrared sensor, Transistor Switch and Liquid Crystal Display are used in the project. The project is useful for night shift drivers and for long journey drivers that alerts them, when they fall asleep while driving.
7 IoT BASED SMART SWITCH It is operated based on IoT (Internet of things). It uses NODE MCU 8266 wireless Wi-Fi module, switching relay, power supply. Here we used Blynk online software for program and Blynk android application for controlling through smart phone. Using this project we can control appliances from anywhere. By using this smart switch we can eliminate the manual action of switching. It makes easy to operate our appliance at our required time from any place. The motto of this project is to control/operate the things smartly.