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Department of EEE Organized a hands-on training programme from November 14 to November 26, 2023

In collaboration with Power Integrated Solutions, Trichy, the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the Autonomous Planning and Technology College of Narasaraopeta, NARASARAOPET, conducted a hands-on training programme from November 14 to November 26, 2023, focusing on the simulation of power electronics applications using MATLAB.

The following main subjects formed the basis of the program’s design:

Introduction to Matlab and Simulink.

• Introduction to Power Electronics Applications.

• Study of AC and DC circuits in Simulink.

• Study of simulation of Rectifiers in Simulink.

• Study and simulation of Thyristor in Simulink.

Study of DC – DC Converter Analysis in Simulink.

• Boost Converter.

• Buck Converter.

• Buck-Boost Converter.

Study of DC – AC Inverter Analysis in Simulink.

• Single Phase Inverter.

• Three Phase Inverter.

• Multilevel Inverter.

Study of AC – DC Rectifier Analysis in Simulink.

• Diode analysis.

• Study of Diode based Rectifier.

• Study of SCR based Rectifier.

Study of AC – AC Converter Analysis in Simulink.

• Study of AC Voltage controller using TRIAC.

• Design of VFD.

• Design of E-Vehicles.