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TCS Specific Aptitude Training ( 3rd -17th October)

Tata Consultancy Services Limited is a multinational company with over 150 offices, spread across 45+ countries. It is employing more than 300,000 of the world’s best-trained IT/ITES consultants.

TCS is one of the most sorted out companies which have successfully leveraged various global knowledge resources and has ensured that its workforce produces the best quality of work.

As a result, TCS attracts thousands of job seekers every year. Due to the tough competition at the recruitment stage, NEC placement cell is organising a “15 days online training” for TCS Specific aptitude tests. Experts will be teaching you general and Technical aptitude concepts.

This Training program will be helpful for various aptitude tests as well.

Training Schedule

9:00 am to 10:30 am10:30am to 12:30am2:00pm to 3:30pm
Oct 3rd 2020Day 1ArticlesMeaningful Word CreationSpeed Time and Distance
Oct 4th 2020Day 2ConjuctionsNumber Series
– Missing Number Single
– Missing Number Analogy
Permutation and Combination
Oct 5th 2020Day 3PrepositionsBlood RelationsBoats and Streams
Oct 6th 2020Day 4Error IdentificationCoding and DecodingEquations-Linear
Oct 7th 2020Day 5Error CorrectionAgesSimple and Compund Interest
Oct 8th 2020Day 6Sentence ImprovementData SufficiencyMixtures and Allegations
Oct 9th 2020Day 7SpellingsSeating Arrangement-EasyProfit and Loss
Oct 10th 2020Day 8SynonymsSeating Arrangement-ComplexTime and Work
Oct 11th 2020Day 9Idioms and PhrasesOdd Man Out-NumbersDivisibility
Oct 12th 2020Day 10Sentence CompletionOdd Man Out-LogicalData Interpretation
Oct 13th 2020Day 11Sentence OrderingDistance and DirectionsLCM and HCF
Oct 14th 2020Day 12Passage OrderingStatement and ConclusionsPrime Products
Oct 15th 2020Day 13Reading Comprehension-1AnalogyGeometry
Oct 16th 2020Day 14Reading Comprehension-2Math Operational ArranngementProbability
Oct 17th 2020Day 15Reading Comprehension-3Symbols and Notation