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The Department of Computer Science and Engineering organized a three-day Boot Camp and an exhilarating 24-hour Hackathon on Front-End Web Development from November 6th to November 8th, 2023.

🌟 Narasaraopeta Engineering College – Pioneering Excellence in Web Development 🌟


*Exciting News: Triumph in the Realm of Web Development! 🚀*


The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Narasaraopeta Engineering College (Autonomous) proudly presents a monumental achievement: a three-day Boot Camp and an exhilarating 24-hour Hackathon on Front-End Web Development, conducted from November 6th to November 8th, 2023. 🚀


*Nurturing Tomorrow’s Innovators:*

Witness a captivating showcase of academic brilliance as 140 students from our esteemed Computer Science Department, forming 45 dynamic teams, immerse themselves in a profound exploration of knowledge, enthusiasm, and creativity. 🤩


*Mastering Cutting-Edge Skills:*

Our exceptionally talented students were meticulously guided through the intricacies of CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. The result? An astounding portfolio of 37 website templates poised to redefine the digital landscape! 💻


*A Beacon of Inspiration:*

Under the expert guidance of our esteemed Head of Department, Mr. Tirumala Rao, and our dedicated faculty, students were encouraged to transcend their limits and reach new heights of achievement. 🌟


*Applause from a Visionary Principal:*

Dr. M. Sreenivasa Kumar, our visionary Principal, commends the students for their outstanding contributions, emphasizing the pivotal role of such experiences in securing top-tier positions in multinational companies. 💼


*Leadership Congratulations:*

Our Vice-Chairman, Mr. M.V. Chakravarthy, extends heartfelt congratulations to the department for orchestrating this thoughtful and impactful event. 👏


*The Grand Finale:*

The 24-hour Hackathon, reaching its zenith on the final day, featured a distinguished Chief Guest, Professor Dr. Sagar Imambi, invited from Koneru Lakshmaiah University. His expert evaluation and applause highlighted the best websites developed by our talented students, recognizing their exceptional dedication and innovation. 🏆


*State-of-the-Art Facilities:*

We take immense pride in our cutting-edge facilities that provided the backdrop for this event, fostering an environment conducive to innovation, collaboration, and excellence. 🌐


This event is not merely a Hackathon; it stands as a testament to the boundless potential our students possess. Narasaraopeta Engineering College is indeed a crucible for nurturing the brightest minds and kindling the flames of innovation. 🔥


Stay tuned for more incredible developments and remain inspired. Together, we are sculpting the future! 🚀


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