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Department of CSE in Association with CSI, ACM organized 2 Day Boot Camp+ 24 Hour Hackathon Frond end Web Development on 30th, 31st & 1st November 2023.

*A Pinnacle of Technical Excellence: Empowering the Future of Web Development through Innovation and Education* The Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Narasaraopeta Engineering College (Autonomous) is proud to present the culmination of an extraordinary endeavour that has redefined the paradigm of education and technological innovation.


*Program Overview:*

From October 30th to November 1st, 2023, our institution hosted an immersive two-day Boot Camp followed by a rigorous 24-hour Hackathon. This program was meticulously designed to immerse students in the intricate world of Front-End Web Development, with the primary aim of endowing them with advanced technical proficiency and expertise.


*Technical Proficiency:*

The core of this program was an in-depth training regimen in key technologies, including CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Bootstrap. Through hands-on practical experience and expert guidance, our students developed a deep understanding of these foundational elements of modern web development. This proficiency empowered them to create web solutions of the highest quality and sophistication.


*Innovative Projects for Societal Impact:*

The driving force behind this initiative was the aspiration to harness the technical prowess of our students for the betterment of society. The remarkable outcome of their efforts is a collection of 37 web templates that embody innovation, creativity, and the potential for transformative web solutions.


*Mentorship and Motivation:*

Under the astute guidance of Mr. Tirumala Rao, Head of the Computer Science Department, and our dedicated faculty, students were nurtured to explore the outer boundaries of their technical capabilities. The unwavering support and motivation provided by our faculty played an indispensable role in honing the technical prowess of our students.


*Principal’s Vision:*

Our illustrious Principal, Dr. M. Sreenivasa Kumar, commended the students for their exceptional contributions. He recognized that experiences such as these are pivotal in shaping our students into future technology leaders, capable of securing prestigious positions within esteemed multinational corporations.


*Acknowledgment from Leadership:*

Mr. M.V. Chakravarthy, our esteemed Vice-Chairman, expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the department for orchestrating this visionary event, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to academic excellence and innovation.


*The Grand Finale:*

The culminating ceremony of the 24-hour Hackathon welcomed a distinguished Chief Guest, Professor Dr. Sagar Imambi, a renowned figure in the field of technology. Dr. Imambi, with his profound expertise, meticulously evaluated and commended the best websites created by our enterprising students, lauding their relentless dedication and innovative spirit.


*Cutting-Edge Facilities:*

Our institution boasts state-of-the-art facilities, equipped with the latest technological advancements, which played an instrumental role in empowering this event. These facilities created an environment that fosters innovation, collaboration, and technical excellence.


Narasaraopeta Engineering College (Autonomous) stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to nurturing the brightest minds in the realm of computer science and engineering. 🔥

Students choose our institution because of our dedication to training them in the most relevant and latest technologies, providing them with a competitive edge in the job market and the skills to thrive in the fast-paced tech industry.


Join us in this remarkable journey of education, innovation, and transformation. Stay tuned for more incredible developments as we continue to push the boundaries of technological innovation, learning, and creativity. Together, we forge the future.