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NSS Unit Organized a special camp on Chlorination program in wells and tanks on 20-12-2017.

NSS Unit Organized a special camp on Free Dental Check-up program on 21-12-2017.

NSS Unit organized a Special Camp on Traffic Signals at ZPH School Yallamanda on 23-12-2017.

NSS Unit Organized a Special Camp On Awareness of Cash less Transactions on 24-12-2017.

NSS Unit organized a special camp on Free Eye Check-Up program on 26-12-2017.

  • The Programme Officer must follow the day-wise programme scrupulously.
  • Strict discipline must be adhered by the volunteers during Special Camp.
  • Activities and Programme must be taken up as per the guidelines and the special camp theme.
  • The Programme Officer is directed to maintain a separate attendance register for the 7 days camp which will be verified by the University NSS personnel.
  • The Programme Officer is also informed to maintain a Cash Book for the7 days camp and it should be made available for the programme personnel from the University to go through the same.
  • The Programme Officer is directed not to leave the camping place leaving the camp responsibility to the NSS volunteers. In this connection, the Programme Officers may also take the assistant of other staff members of the College.
  • It is also important to note that the volunteers should present all the 7 days in the camp. It is imperative as and when any NSS personnel from University visit the camp, they will not down the strength of the campers. Accordingly, the camp grant will be limited. Certificates are also issued only to the members present in the camp.
  • The College NSS units must exhibit at least two NSS Banners in a ‘standard size’ one should be fixed at the camping place and another should be at a conspicuous place in the village.

Special Camp provides an unique opportunity to the NSS student youth for group living, mutual understanding, tolerance, cohesion, development of leadership qualities, bringing out the hidden talents of the students, etc. To make constructive use of students’ leisure time for community work, these camps may be organized during the vacation i.e. Summer/Dasara/Pongal. During the Special Camp, the students should stay with the communities where they are holding the camps. The duration of a Special Camp is generally Seven days. The following are the broad guidelines to be followed by the NSS Units. These guidelines are discussed under 3 broad heads viz., I) Pre-Camp preparation, II) During Special Camp, and III) Post Special Camp requirements.

PRE-CAMP PREPARATION: This phase involves from the submission of camp proposal to the starting day of the camp.

Submission of Camp Proposal: The Programme Officer is required to submit the Special Camp proposal at least four weeks in advance so as to ensure the release of grants well in time. The proposal should be submitted in the prescribed proforma, which is enclosed along with these guidelines (see page 4). The proposal should contain the list of NSS volunteers along with their willingness, route map and day-wise programme.

Selection of Proper Project: The selection of proper project for Special Camping programme can boost up the morale of campers and develop in them a sense of achievement. Hence, it is essential that suitable project for the personality development of NSS volunteers must be selected with utmost care by identifying the felt needs of the community. Without participation of local community, the camp has no value. The following should be kept in mind while selecting the project.

Identifying the felt needs of the community such as health, education, environmental social and economic development of the community.

Accommodation, water facilities available in the community to the volunteers should be assessed before camp.

It is essential to make sure of the participation of the community in the projects.

The Programme Officer is directed to see that the selected projects should be completed within 7 days the camping period of 7 days. If for any reason, the project is not completed in 7 days, the same should be undertaken during the regular activity as a follow-up action.

Selection of NSS Volunteers for Special Camp: The Programme Officer is hereby informed to take the necessary care while selecting the volunteers for the 7 days camp. It is fair and proper to give preference to the NSS volunteers, who have contributed their service during the regular activities.

a) Each camp should consist of 45 NSS volunteers, 4 local community Youth and 1 Programme Officer i.e., total 50. The list of participants along with their willingness should also be sent to this office along with the proposal.

The Programme Officer should ensure adequate representation of NSS volunteers from BC/SC/ST communities and Girl volunteers.

Information to the concerned District Collector about the Camp:Once the camp dates are finalized, the NSS Programme Officer is required to inform the camping dates requesting the District Collector to extend necessary cooperation of other District Officers such as District Medical & Health Officer, District Agricultural (Extension) Officer, District Field Publicity Officer, District Veterinary Officer, District Youth Welfare Officer and Nehru Yuva Kendra Coordinator, etc., in the district.

It is felt necessary to inform the camping details to the District Collector and also invite the nearby college NSS Units to visit the camp.

The Programme officer is directed to meet the District Officers in person requesting their cooperation for a successful completion of the camp.

The Programme Officer may involve local voluntary organizations such as Lion/Rotary and other N.G.O’s, etc.

Orientation: The Programme Officer is required to give necessary organization to the volunteers about the 7 days programme. To keep up the dignity of University as well as the college to which they belong and for smooth functioning of the camp rules and regulations should be clearly mentioned in the orientation meeting.

Narasaraopeta engineering college covered following regular activities

  • Mega blood donation camps
  • Plantationprogramme
  • Free mega blood grouping camps for all 1st year students
  • Communal harmony programme to raise the funds for poor children
  • conducted Rallies and processions for awareness about various diseases like HIV,Cancer etc
  • Conducted Rally with 500ft national flag on the occasion of republic day, this activity is the first time in the town
  • Donated Rs.20,000 worth home needs to the Lutheran blind school students, Narasaraopet
  • Medical camps and veterinary camps